The Devils Reject’s Movie Review

I can honestly say that I now know what it feels like to have a movie literally kick my fucking ass. I just got back from the 10:05 opening night showing of The Devils Rejects (sequel to the fabulous House of 1000 Corpses) and I feel like I’ve just run a marathon. Let me first start off by saying that as of the moment I entered the theater my favorite movie was House. Leaving the theater was a different story.

Now, I know that I can sometimes be a bit biased towards new releases and over exaggerate how great movies or albums really are simply because I “wanna believe” that. This isn’t the case though with Rejects, Zombie took care of all that for me and I can say that I’m a “true” believer. Bottom line is this: Rejects will make you squirm, laugh till your sides hurt, and possibly (for the mega fans) cry in its artistic brilliance.

From the moment the film opened up my eyes were glued to the screen in awe. Just about every moment is stylistically filmed, perfectly acted (as only this cast can), and so interesting that the film seems to fly by in mere seconds. Zombie’s writing has improved dramatically, his humor is hilarious (our audience was cracking up through most of it, to my surprise), his action and “horror elements” are suspenseful and brutal and the flow of things just seems to move along at a balanced pace.

Without ruining too much, the film centers on 3 of the main characters from the first film. Captain Spaulding (a deranged old man in clown make-up), Baby (a hot blonde whose daughter to Spaulding), and my favorite, Otis (a good ol’ fashioned American rebel badass). That’s about all I’m gonna give you on the story because it would ruin the unpredictability of most of the film. There are lots of great scenes in this film, as well as one-liners, yet, unlike most horror films, they aren’t spliced into the film discordantly.

My favorite part about this film is how original (yes, despite what you may have heard, there has been nothing like this flick in recent memory) and straight up fun it is. I enjoyed my ass off, hollering at the screen and cracking up so loudly that a few audience members turned and sneered at me. I was shocked that a kid, who couldn’t have been older than 6 or 7, was sitting by me watching this film. To give you an idea why I was so shocked, there isn’t a scene in this whole movie that doesn’t involve violence, nudity, violence, drugs, violence, cussing or…oh yes, violence.

The hotel section and the end of this film are the biggest highlights. Me and Thorpe (Loki) sort of predicted one area of the end but I was still digging my nails into my seat in fear of what I knew was coming. That’s about all I can say but you will know what I’m talking about when it happens. I have mixed opinions about the end. Though it was well done it was quite disheartening to watch, but I can’t mark it against the film for that. The last few moments of the film was some of the best work I’ve seen in the genre. When “Freebird” starts to play and this instant cult classic came to a close I was left speechless. Walking out of the theater, Thorpe and I really didn’t have much to say until we got back to the car. Words are just not good enough to describe it. It’s very emotional and that’s the only way to experience it.

You don’t have to see House of 1000 Corpses to see this but I HIGHLY recommended you do for the full effect. This movie will probably flop at the box office due to bullshit like The Island and Bad News Bears, but that just means we will be getting the directors cut DVD sooner. In closing I would just like to remind everyone that “you don’t need bullets in a gun, it’s all fucking mind power”.

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