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  2. First new A Perfect Circle song in basically 13 years. Very powerful song.
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  4. Seems like most of the people who have registered so far are, like myself, oldfags from the original TRD. I posted there a lot as an edgy 13 year-old before getting sent away for stupidly plotting a school shooting over MSN messenger with some other people from this site - a high schooler calling himself Josef Klebold who was going to shoot up his school, and some guy from Argentina who wanted to bomb the congress over there. I made an Eric-and-Dylan themed angelfire site that some parent of a middle school friend found on their web history, and off to residential treatment I went. Some might remember me as trying to create an RPG Maker game called United States of Anarchy (which, come to think of it, is still an excellent name/idea for a game, and I should use it), and posting a bunch about Hitler and "rebel missions" and a bunch of other edgy stuff. Unlike the others here, I have proudly not grown up at fucking all, and I look forward to making this site the hotbed for mental illness and wannabe terrorism it once was. And maybe talk about politics and metal and edgy shit. Looks like we might need a membership recruitment drive, though, and I have a couple of ideas.
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    Welcome back.
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    Dirty fucking weeb. =D Welcome home. I missed this place.
  7. So, this is a thing again. Cool.

    Welcome back home I, too, was pretty excited when I saw this site was back up and running. As you might have guessed from my username (which I wanted to snatch up while it was still open, cliche as fuck or not), the Columbine addiction has stuck. Interests outside of school shootings doesn't mean no longer being interested in school shootings.
  8. Favorite Metal?

    Pffffffft. mfw you fags don't even listen to real metal. Also, mfw I can't figure out how to insert images inline... but the covers should still be pretty readable?
  9. Death Stranding

    Metal Gear Solid 1 will always be my favorite game of all time. Kojima is God to me. "Death Stranding" looks to be another amazing game. I'm glad that he's able to create something new outside of Metal Gear. The trailer with Mads Mikkelsen was especially awesome. I loved the 80s style synth music in it. I bought a PS4 to play Metal Gear Solid 5, although I have mixed feelings about that one. The gameplay is the best it has ever been in the series, but the cinematic storytelling really took a back seat. I haven't even finished it yet because of this. I'd be curious to know your thoughts on it if you've played it.
  10. Favorite Metal?

    Yea, the "real music" thing is just a jab at today's music scene where it seems like very few people (especially the youth) listen to anything that isn't pop or rap. I feel sorry for the current generation because when I was growing up there was still a prevalent rock/metal scene and I can't express how crucial it was in getting me through high school. Although Metal is my favorite genre, I tend to prefer sub-genres of it like nu-metal, alt-metal, industrial, and metalcore. Anything with electronics is a plus as well. I actually plan on making an extensive Guide To Metal for this site, so I'll just mention some of my recent and all time favs: You already mentioned one I would have picked which is "...And Justice For All". Easily the best thrash metal album of all time. As I Lay Dying - Shadows are Security / The Powerless Rise Pretty much my favorite current metal band. The vocals have just the right amount of range, melody, and aggressiveness. Unlike most bands who bitch and moan their lyrics tend to be positive and uplifting, dealing with empowerment, overcoming life's struggles, and making yourself a better person. They also feature some of the most excellent guitar work, dueling harmonies, and crushing breakdowns. Recommended Songs: Anodyne Sea, Overcome, Paralyzed. The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above And Branches Below Metalcore from right out of my hometown of Dayton, Ohio \m/. I got obsessed with this album when I first discovered it. The lead singer tends to vary from high shrill screams to guttural "Goldar" sounding growls, and at first it may seem like a relentless onslaught of vocal cord destroying screeches but it really grows on you. The clean vocals are pretty emo but the melodies are undeniably catchy. The guitar work isn't the most technical but it is helped by the use of orchestral strings which at times gives it an almost symphonic / black metal metal feel. Recommended Songs: Assistant To The Regional Manager, Dez Moines, Ben Has A Kid, Gimme Half The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal I'm not really a big fan of death metal, or in this case, "melodic death metal", but I make an exception for these guys. Usually, I feel like these extreme metal bands seem like they're just trying too hard to be "evil" or whatever, but these guys manage to pull it off. This album will kick your ass from start to finish and is wrought with darkness: black metal like highs, sick lows, down tuned guitars, and pounding percussion that all sound like the choirs of hell. I think the reason it works is because there's good structure to the music and a tongue in cheek nature to it all. For example, one of their songs is named after a line from the Castlevania video games. Cool side note: When they played the Warped tour they got accused of selling out and going soft. As a result, they named their following album "Everblack", which I think was a metal as fuck way to respond to the haters. Recommended Songs: Everything Went Black, What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse, In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me The Browning - Hypernova / Isolation My last recommendation is a good example of metal fused with electronica. Some call this electronicore. I call it kickass. Most of the electronic elements are reminiscent of EDM/Dubstep, the guitars are a pure chugfest with breakdown after breakdown, and the vocals pretty much always remain in the lowest register. It's not technical, it's not thought provoking, it's pretty much just mindless metal to put your devil horns up and bang your head to. Next time you see some wigger in their car blasting out shitty rap music crank this shit up to full volume and drown them out in its badassery. Recommend Songs: Save the World, Gravedigger, Pure Evil, Fallout, Cryosleep Honorable mentions: Slipknot - Slipknot (1999), Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake / Wrath, Chimaira - The Impossibility of Reason.
  11. Favorite Metal?

    Nice topic.. Heaven Shall Burn - Iconoclast Heaven Shall Burn is one of my all time favorite bands, I love all of their albums and most of the songs. They are from a small town in Thuringia, Germany, which is not far away from my hometown. At one of their shows last year I met a guy from California, how travelled to Germany just to see them. Parkway Drive - Deep Blue I love this band almost as much as Heaven Shall Burn, enjoyed their powerfull live performance at WACKEN Open Air last year. Sabaton - Heroes When it comes to power metal, I always end up with Sabaton. The lyrics of their songs are mostly related to war and military history.
  12. Favorite Metal?

    Since Jex gave metal a sub-section, I guess he considers it "real" music (lol), so let's have a thread to share our favorite artists and albums. I've listened to a lot of metal, so this is just a small sampling of stuff I'm into. Might update the thread later with more stuff. Looking forward to more recommendations from everyone here. Opeth - Damnation Opeth was the band that got me into more niche metal and prompted me to start seeking out lesser known bands. I listened to their EP Blackwater Park a long time ago and was hooked. Excellent progressive metal on Damnation. Aegaeon - Dissension This band is insane. I saw them live in my hometown back in 2012. The lead singer was awesome live and really got the crowd pumped up. Their sound is pretty unique for deathcore, too. I think their lineup has changed a few times since 2012, but they're still good. Their first full-length, Dissension is still the best release IMO. Helloween - The Dark Ride Helloween is always good when I need a hit of power metal. Fun trivia: apparently lead singer Michael Kiske was only 19 years old when they released their second album Keeper of the Seven Keys: Path 1. Pretty impressive. Metallica - ...And Justice For All And finally, no metal list would be complete without a little Metallica. I'm so/so on most of Metallica's music, but I've always really enjoyed this album and I have lots of respect for Kirk Hammett as a guitarist.
  13. Current battle stations?

    Nice setup, there. Liking the white case and lighting on your build. I'm a big mechanical keyboard fan as well. I've got a Ducky One with blue switches. Love the clicky feedback lol. Ducky keyboards also have some pretty sweet macro programming functionality. Since you work in software, what's your setup like on Windows, Jex? I've rigged a basic programming setup on Win10, but it's not as intuitive and efficient as what I've got going on Mac OS or Linux. Open to any suggestions for essential apps, tools or workflows.
  14. Death Stranding

    Anyone else looking forward to Death Stranding? I'm a pretty big fan of Hideo Kojima and how he's consistently tried to blur the boundaries between film and video games. Playing Metal Gear Solid 1 for PSX as a kid was a big deal for me. Reshaped how I thought about gaming as art. I'm mostly into story-driven games with rich worlds or complex characters. Now that Kojima has finally split from Konami, it will be cool to see what he does. I don't own a PS4 yet, but considering buying one to play this when it's released...
  15. Body Horror Films

    Nice. I hadn't heard of Contracted. I'll check it out at some point. I was always a fan of Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Super gritty and ridiculous. I also really like extreme cinema in general David Lynch, Takashi Miike, Park Chan-Wook and Quentin Tarentino are all favorite directors of mine due to their tendency towards the extreme. I'm actually pretty squeamish and easily frightened by good ambience or pacing in horror movies. But I find both of those feelings to be really enjoyable, haha.
  16. Body Horror Films

    "I'm an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it, but now that dream is over and the insect is awake." I'm a huge fan of the sub-genre of horror known as "body horror" (also called venereal horror). These are movies in which the scare factor is based on a person undergoing a grotesque transformation over the course of the film. They're usually pretty disgusting and not for the faint of heart, but I love em ha ha. The quintessential film that represents this genre is the 1986 masterpiece "The Fly", directed by David Cronenberg. In it, a young Jeff Goldblum (in the best performance of his career) plays an eccentric scientist named Seth Brundle who invents a teleportation device. Unfortunately, while testing it, a common housefly enters the transport chamber with him and the computer splices the DNA of the two organisms together. At first, all seems normal, and he even gains increased energy and superhuman strength, but then his fingernails fall off...and things get progressively worse from there on lol. Some other examples include: Alien/Aliens, Cabin Fever, Evil Dead, Hellraiser, and The Thing. One other good one I've found was "Contracted", which is on Netflix. It's about a girl who gets date raped at a party and contracts what she thinks is an STD, but like The Fly, things start to get progressively worse and it becomes clear that it is something else. It was so good that even though I started it super late on a work night I had to to just say fuck it and stayed up till like 3 am to finish it. It has a sequel too, but it wasn't as good. If you guys know of or find any good movies that fit this genre be sure to post em in this thread.
  17. Back

    Welcome back! That's actually kind of cool that you were a silent reader on the old site and your first post is on the new site. It'll probably be quiet on here for a little while because it has been gone so long, but I'm working to build the site back up again and hopefully I can get the discussions going again. Since you mentioned living in Germany (and not having the best English before) I'm gonna assume you're a native. Other than America, that's my favorite country in the world. Love the history, the culture, music (especially Wagner), everything. A whole bunch of my family is German with surnames like Eysoldt and Weigandt. It's funny how everyone ended up working in software. I guess we were all just computer geeks at heart.
  18. Current battle stations?

    Good topic. My previous build was all dark matte black so I thought I'd change things up with a white build. Desktop - "Phobos" Case: NZXT S340 Motherboard: Maximus VIII Hero CPU: Intel i7 6700k Memory: 16GB Corsair Dominator DDR4 Video Card: GeForce GTX 980 Ti Sound Card: I have a Sound Blaster Fatality Recon 3D but it's been acting up so I've just been using onboard. SSD: Corsair Neutron GTX OS: Win 10 Monitor: ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q (Greatest monitor money can buy) Keyboard: Pictured is the Cherry MX 6.0 Board. However, it wasn't clicky enough for me so went back to my Corsair K70 with the blue switches. Mouse: Asus ROG Gladius Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x I have no laptop. If I did I'd buy a Surface Book, but I'm too old school and prefer traditional desktop for almost everything. Phone: Google Pixel I was an ardent Windows Phone fan and user since 2011, but Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella sucks and they're not making any moves in phone anymore so on to Android it is. I respect Apple, and think they make solid products, but I typically don't use them because I find them too closed (walled garden), the interface doesn't navigate how my brain works, and everyone has them (don't want to be one of the iSheep ha ha). I do game on consoles more these days than I'm proud to admit. Mostly a result of working a desk job and not wanting to come home and sit at a computer again to play games. Also, the big PC exclusive developers (Valve, Blizzard, ect.) either don't make games anymore, or only make multiplayer focused games which I have no interest in. I have a PS4 and an Xbox One, although I tend to favor the latter because I'm a Microsoft fanboy. I've been trying to get back into PC more tho.
  19. Back

    Hi there, nice to see this side back online again. I can't remember which year I joined the original side, but I've always been a silent reader and never wrote anything by myself ( perhaps because my English wasn't the best at that time and I was pretty shy). I think I found the page while searching for columbine related content, as most of the members maybe did. Used to be a pretty weird girl back then and it was good to know that there are other people like me. It was also really interesting to follow your discussions. Today I'm 26 years old, live in Germany and currently working as a software engineer in a small company.
  20. So, what kinds of tech setups are you guys rocking at the moment? For me: Desktop PC is a custom build with the following specs: Intel i5 2.7ghz CPU, EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Card, 1TB internal HDD + 250GB SSD, 16GB RAM. Dual booting Manjaro Linux with XFCE alongside Windows 10. Laptop is a 2014 MacBook Air (1.7ghz i7 CPU, 8GB RAM and standard ~120GB internal storage). Love the Air for travel purposes. Super lightweight and having the underlying unix stuff is a great bonus as a developer. I'm a longtime Apple fan, but I've been really disappointed with some of their decisions recently. This might be the last piece of legitimate Apple hardware I buy, but I've said that before lol. Smartphone is a Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 and I love it. No heavy customizations, just a standard Android install with the latest MIUI. Big fan of Xiaomi's user interface and can't beat the cost of their phones. I think this was < $250 USD unlocked and brand new when I bought it. I don't do much gaming these days, but I had a PS3 my friend gave to me and played that from time-to-time. Unfortunately, it overheated and wasn't worth the cost of repairing, so I trashed it. Just use my PC as my gaming rig these days. I find that there are less compelling reasons for console gaming nowadays, anyway. We have excellent emulation for all consoles up through sixth gen. And even seventh gen seems doable with new projects like Xenia and the Vulkan API now. Plus less games being console exclusive these days. How about everyone else?
  21. So, this is a thing again. Cool.

    Welcome back! I remember you from Xenotheoria. I think my username on there was Zapper. Sorry to hear you've had some bad medical troubles, but seems like you're making the best of it. Awesome that you're into soap making and DIY stuff. What are your favorite retro games? Any photos of your collection? Would be keen to see it!
  22. Coming back

    It wasn't that bad, actually. I had saved up a bunch of money from running a web design / internet marketing business in high school. I hated school and wasn't going to college, so I took a short break from work to travel overseas. Went to a bunch of different countries and then settled on Japan. It's probably my favorite country, and I much prefer the culture to America or Europe. Haha. It's interesting because Japan was the first place I'd ever been where I really felt like an outsider. The only countries I'd been to before Japan were the US and the UK. That was a really good experience to have, even if it was kind of uncomfortable in the beginning. Ironically, I also felt much more "at-home" here than I ever felt in the states. Japanese people are super accommodating and helpful, especially if you show an interest in their culture and make an effort to learn and integrate. I'll always be an outsider to some extent, but my Japanese is decent by now and I fit in just fine.
  23. "It's good to be home!" - Lisa Rowe, 'Girl Interrupted', 1999 As Lisa said, it is indeed good to be "home" -- home being, this forum. Hi! It's been close to a decade, and I'm still as awkward as I could ever be. I was on the original TRD before it got shut down, spent a lot of time on Xenotheoria during that weird limbo, and have been quietly hoping this forum would come back for a few years. When I was 15, I found TRD while maniacally googling Columbine. I think we were all "one of those kids", and I think that being "one of those kids" has granted us a different window to look through, now, as adults. While my Columbine "obsession" has not stuck (I am 25, we eventually develop interests outside of school shootings), I am very glad the idea of The Rebel Domain as a safety-safe, so to speak, has stuck. This forum was my internet "safe place" (not safe space!) when I was a kid and going through a lot of crap at home. I made a lot of friends that I still talk to today, which I never thought would happen. As I've aged, I've not really been successful. I went to college for computer programming, which morphed into biology. I was one year from graduating before some really bad medical stuff started happening. It's kinda neat, though, because I know the medical terminology and a lot of bio-geek stuff, so I get to nerd out with doctors. I'm chronically ill, but I have six cats, an adoring fiance, and a lot of hobbies to keep me busy while I'm unable to go out and do things. Soap-making (yes, I have a Fight Club soap mold), bath bomb/bath fizzy making, mixes of of epsom salts with essential oils, face scrubs, art (mostly painting and embroidery), cooking and baking, and playing/collecting retro video games. Currently, I'm building a large cube to fit all of my retro and newer consoles and all of the games. It's pretty badass so far, but obviously needs a lot more additions, most of which are up in the attic still waiting to be unpacked. If anyone remembers an awkward 15 year old with the username 'crematorium', that's me. Still awkward. Just 10 years older.
  24. Coming back

    Welcome back, and thanks for the words of appreciation. I'm sorry it took so long to get it back up, but I do intend to keep this one up for good this time. I'm glad the site was helpful for you in the past. Hopefully this new one can grow into something badass as well. That's really cool that you moved to Japan. That's easily the most interesting non-Western country to me. I have a lot of respect for the Japanese people and their culture. How did they feel about a gaijin moving there lol? Also, how were you able to make the move at only 18? That's seems like it must have been crazy intimidating.
  25. Coming back

    Good to finally see the site back online. Thanks for setting everything up, Jex. I first joined TRD back in 2006 or 2007. Then joined Xenotheoria and was pretty active on there until it closed. Met a lot of awesome people through those sites and having the outlet was really good for me as a teenager. Like most of the people on the old TRD, I joined up because of my interest in Columbine, but also (hopefully) like most others on there, I've since grown up. I'm originally from the states, but moved to Japan almost as soon as I finished high school at 18. I currently work as a software engineer and designer. I don't really have any hardcore political stances anymore. I went through periods of being both extremely left-wing and extremely right-wing, read a lot of literature on both sides and settled somewhere in the middle. I'd best be described as a libertarian. Good to be back!
  26. Let's get this shit started off right. Chances are if you're visiting this site during the relaunch you already know who I am, but seeing as it has been a decade since I was running this site there's obviously going to be some new info, so here we go: I'm jEX and I created The Rebel Domain. I'm from Dayton, Ohio and I still live there. I grew up in a heavily Roman Catholic family, and while I no longer hold those beliefs, being around it for that long is going to rub off on you some and influence your worldview. So I tend to describe myself as "culturally Catholic". From first through seventh grade I attended a Catholic school and didn't really have a single original thought in my brain until my final year there when I met the only goth/alternative person in the school, a girl named Kim, who introduced me to a whole new world of music and thinking. That didn't go over so well in such an ultra religious environment and it resulted in me getting kicked out before my eighth grade year. I then switched over to public school which was rough going from seven years knowing a bunch of people to suddenly knowing almost no one. Needless to say I wasn't very popular. In 1999 the Columbine High School shooting occurred, which at the time was unheard of and sent a shockwave through society. Being a bit of an outcast at the time, I developed a fascination with the event, but that'll come in later. When I attended High School I pretty much rejected my studies and focused on my dream of becoming a rock musician. During this time I wrote hundreds of songs, and went in and out of a dozen different bands, but eventually my poor grades caught up with me, and I was forced to drop out and get my GED (Funny side note: my parents and teachers were astonished when I took the test and scored in the 98th percentile). After this, I worked at McDonalds and had successfully become the stereotypical high school dropout who flipped burgers for a living. I hated that this was what my life had become so I spent all my time and energy teaching myself how to develop websites. One of those sites was of course the original Rebel Domain, which started out mostly as a personal website of stuff I was interested in, and one of those things was Columbine. Little did I know this would attract a ton of people to the site. Eventually it attracted the wrong type of people and led to the sites closure in 2006 (more details here). Luckily, it wasn't all a waste. The skills I picked up landed me a real job and career in software development. That's pretty much what I've done since. Throughout my life I've explored just about every political perspective and philosophy worth exploring, but I've always leaned more towards the right. That said, I'm not really a fan of labels. In my own private life I tend to be pretty socially conservative. My ideal world would probably be a lot like America in the 1950s. In other words, you'd probably find me boring lol. However, that's just my own preference. When it comes to the world we actually live in I don't support imposing ones views on others. I believe in maximum choice without infringing on another persons freedom, and feel the government should stay the hell out of peoples lives. So I guess that kind of makes me a Libertarian. As far as interests go, I'm a bit of a futurist, technophile, and space buff (read: nerd). The most important issues to me are things like colonizing other worlds, creating a sustainable civilization, and curing disease and aging. I'm a big fan and follower of the work Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla are doing right now. Outside of that I watch a lot of movies, geek out over DC Comics, build PC's, study history, and listen to a lot of classical, rock, and metal music. As for the Columbine shit, I could make excuses for why I used to be interested in that, pointing out that I was young, stupid, and also on Paxil CR at the time, but that wouldn't change anything. Simply put, I don't hold those views anymore and disavow anything I ever said on that topic.
  27. This is where you'd normally find a bunch of rules on how you can't talk about certain things or say anything vulgar, "sexist", "racist", "homophobic", or otherwise "offensive". We here at the Rebel Domain would just like to say... Fuck that. Say whatever the hell you want. Anyone who gets "triggered" by free thoughts and opinions, or needs a "safe space", should look elsewhere. The only "rules" we'll enforce will be against spamming, abuse of the site, or legal matters (so don't post shit that you know is illegal). Welcome to The Rebel Domain.
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