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  1. "It's good to be home!" - Lisa Rowe, 'Girl Interrupted', 1999 As Lisa said, it is indeed good to be "home" -- home being, this forum. Hi! It's been close to a decade, and I'm still as awkward as I could ever be. I was on the original TRD before it got shut down, spent a lot of time on Xenotheoria during that weird limbo, and have been quietly hoping this forum would come back for a few years. When I was 15, I found TRD while maniacally googling Columbine. I think we were all "one of those kids", and I think that being "one of those kids" has granted us a different window to look through, now, as adults. While my Columbine "obsession" has not stuck (I am 25, we eventually develop interests outside of school shootings), I am very glad the idea of The Rebel Domain as a safety-safe, so to speak, has stuck. This forum was my internet "safe place" (not safe space!) when I was a kid and going through a lot of crap at home. I made a lot of friends that I still talk to today, which I never thought would happen. As I've aged, I've not really been successful. I went to college for computer programming, which morphed into biology. I was one year from graduating before some really bad medical stuff started happening. It's kinda neat, though, because I know the medical terminology and a lot of bio-geek stuff, so I get to nerd out with doctors. I'm chronically ill, but I have six cats, an adoring fiance, and a lot of hobbies to keep me busy while I'm unable to go out and do things. Soap-making (yes, I have a Fight Club soap mold), bath bomb/bath fizzy making, mixes of of epsom salts with essential oils, face scrubs, art (mostly painting and embroidery), cooking and baking, and playing/collecting retro video games. Currently, I'm building a large cube to fit all of my retro and newer consoles and all of the games. It's pretty badass so far, but obviously needs a lot more additions, most of which are up in the attic still waiting to be unpacked. If anyone remembers an awkward 15 year old with the username 'crematorium', that's me. Still awkward. Just 10 years older.