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  1. Favorite Metal?

    Since Jex gave metal a sub-section, I guess he considers it "real" music (lol), so let's have a thread to share our favorite artists and albums. I've listened to a lot of metal, so this is just a small sampling of stuff I'm into. Might update the thread later with more stuff. Looking forward to more recommendations from everyone here. Opeth - Damnation Opeth was the band that got me into more niche metal and prompted me to start seeking out lesser known bands. I listened to their EP Blackwater Park a long time ago and was hooked. Excellent progressive metal on Damnation. Aegaeon - Dissension This band is insane. I saw them live in my hometown back in 2012. The lead singer was awesome live and really got the crowd pumped up. Their sound is pretty unique for deathcore, too. I think their lineup has changed a few times since 2012, but they're still good. Their first full-length, Dissension is still the best release IMO. Helloween - The Dark Ride Helloween is always good when I need a hit of power metal. Fun trivia: apparently lead singer Michael Kiske was only 19 years old when they released their second album Keeper of the Seven Keys: Path 1. Pretty impressive. Metallica - ...And Justice For All And finally, no metal list would be complete without a little Metallica. I'm so/so on most of Metallica's music, but I've always really enjoyed this album and I have lots of respect for Kirk Hammett as a guitarist.
  2. Current battle stations?

    Nice setup, there. Liking the white case and lighting on your build. I'm a big mechanical keyboard fan as well. I've got a Ducky One with blue switches. Love the clicky feedback lol. Ducky keyboards also have some pretty sweet macro programming functionality. Since you work in software, what's your setup like on Windows, Jex? I've rigged a basic programming setup on Win10, but it's not as intuitive and efficient as what I've got going on Mac OS or Linux. Open to any suggestions for essential apps, tools or workflows.
  3. Death Stranding

    Anyone else looking forward to Death Stranding? I'm a pretty big fan of Hideo Kojima and how he's consistently tried to blur the boundaries between film and video games. Playing Metal Gear Solid 1 for PSX as a kid was a big deal for me. Reshaped how I thought about gaming as art. I'm mostly into story-driven games with rich worlds or complex characters. Now that Kojima has finally split from Konami, it will be cool to see what he does. I don't own a PS4 yet, but considering buying one to play this when it's released...
  4. Body Horror Films

    Nice. I hadn't heard of Contracted. I'll check it out at some point. I was always a fan of Tetsuo: The Iron Man. Super gritty and ridiculous. I also really like extreme cinema in general David Lynch, Takashi Miike, Park Chan-Wook and Quentin Tarentino are all favorite directors of mine due to their tendency towards the extreme. I'm actually pretty squeamish and easily frightened by good ambience or pacing in horror movies. But I find both of those feelings to be really enjoyable, haha.
  5. So, what kinds of tech setups are you guys rocking at the moment? For me: Desktop PC is a custom build with the following specs: Intel i5 2.7ghz CPU, EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Card, 1TB internal HDD + 250GB SSD, 16GB RAM. Dual booting Manjaro Linux with XFCE alongside Windows 10. Laptop is a 2014 MacBook Air (1.7ghz i7 CPU, 8GB RAM and standard ~120GB internal storage). Love the Air for travel purposes. Super lightweight and having the underlying unix stuff is a great bonus as a developer. I'm a longtime Apple fan, but I've been really disappointed with some of their decisions recently. This might be the last piece of legitimate Apple hardware I buy, but I've said that before lol. Smartphone is a Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 and I love it. No heavy customizations, just a standard Android install with the latest MIUI. Big fan of Xiaomi's user interface and can't beat the cost of their phones. I think this was < $250 USD unlocked and brand new when I bought it. I don't do much gaming these days, but I had a PS3 my friend gave to me and played that from time-to-time. Unfortunately, it overheated and wasn't worth the cost of repairing, so I trashed it. Just use my PC as my gaming rig these days. I find that there are less compelling reasons for console gaming nowadays, anyway. We have excellent emulation for all consoles up through sixth gen. And even seventh gen seems doable with new projects like Xenia and the Vulkan API now. Plus less games being console exclusive these days. How about everyone else?
  6. So, this is a thing again. Cool.

    Welcome back! I remember you from Xenotheoria. I think my username on there was Zapper. Sorry to hear you've had some bad medical troubles, but seems like you're making the best of it. Awesome that you're into soap making and DIY stuff. What are your favorite retro games? Any photos of your collection? Would be keen to see it!
  7. Coming back

    It wasn't that bad, actually. I had saved up a bunch of money from running a web design / internet marketing business in high school. I hated school and wasn't going to college, so I took a short break from work to travel overseas. Went to a bunch of different countries and then settled on Japan. It's probably my favorite country, and I much prefer the culture to America or Europe. Haha. It's interesting because Japan was the first place I'd ever been where I really felt like an outsider. The only countries I'd been to before Japan were the US and the UK. That was a really good experience to have, even if it was kind of uncomfortable in the beginning. Ironically, I also felt much more "at-home" here than I ever felt in the states. Japanese people are super accommodating and helpful, especially if you show an interest in their culture and make an effort to learn and integrate. I'll always be an outsider to some extent, but my Japanese is decent by now and I fit in just fine.
  8. Coming back

    Good to finally see the site back online. Thanks for setting everything up, Jex. I first joined TRD back in 2006 or 2007. Then joined Xenotheoria and was pretty active on there until it closed. Met a lot of awesome people through those sites and having the outlet was really good for me as a teenager. Like most of the people on the old TRD, I joined up because of my interest in Columbine, but also (hopefully) like most others on there, I've since grown up. I'm originally from the states, but moved to Japan almost as soon as I finished high school at 18. I currently work as a software engineer and designer. I don't really have any hardcore political stances anymore. I went through periods of being both extremely left-wing and extremely right-wing, read a lot of literature on both sides and settled somewhere in the middle. I'd best be described as a libertarian. Good to be back!