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  1. Back

    Hi there, nice to see this side back online again. I can't remember which year I joined the original side, but I've always been a silent reader and never wrote anything by myself ( perhaps because my English wasn't the best at that time and I was pretty shy). I think I found the page while searching for columbine related content, as most of the members maybe did. Used to be a pretty weird girl back then and it was good to know that there are other people like me. It was also really interesting to follow your discussions. Today I'm 26 years old, live in Germany and currently working as a software engineer in a small company.
  2. Favorite Metal?

    Nice topic.. Heaven Shall Burn - Iconoclast Heaven Shall Burn is one of my all time favorite bands, I love all of their albums and most of the songs. They are from a small town in Thuringia, Germany, which is not far away from my hometown. At one of their shows last year I met a guy from California, how travelled to Germany just to see them. Parkway Drive - Deep Blue I love this band almost as much as Heaven Shall Burn, enjoyed their powerfull live performance at WACKEN Open Air last year. Sabaton - Heroes When it comes to power metal, I always end up with Sabaton. The lyrics of their songs are mostly related to war and military history.