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Current battle stations?

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So, what kinds of tech setups are you guys rocking at the moment? For me:


Desktop PC is a custom build with the following specs: Intel i5 2.7ghz CPU, EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 Graphics Card, 1TB internal HDD + 250GB SSD, 16GB RAM. Dual booting Manjaro Linux with XFCE alongside Windows 10.


Laptop is a 2014 MacBook Air (1.7ghz i7 CPU, 8GB RAM and standard ~120GB internal storage). Love the Air for travel purposes. Super lightweight and having the underlying unix stuff is a great bonus as a developer. I'm a longtime Apple fan, but I've been really disappointed with some of their decisions recently. This might be the last piece of legitimate Apple hardware I buy, but I've said that before lol.


Smartphone is a Xiaomi RedMi Note 3 and I love it. No heavy customizations, just a standard Android install with the latest MIUI. Big fan of Xiaomi's user interface and can't beat the cost of their phones. I think this was < $250 USD unlocked and brand new when I bought it.


I don't do much gaming these days, but I had a PS3 my friend gave to me and played that from time-to-time. Unfortunately, it overheated and wasn't worth the cost of repairing, so I trashed it. Just use my PC as my gaming rig these days. I find that there are less compelling reasons for console gaming nowadays, anyway. We have excellent emulation for all consoles up through sixth gen. And even seventh gen seems doable with new projects like Xenia and the Vulkan API now. Plus less games being console exclusive these days.


How about everyone else?

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Good topic.



My previous build was all dark matte black so I thought I'd change things up with a white build.


Desktop - "Phobos"
Case: NZXT S340

Motherboard: Maximus VIII Hero
CPU: Intel i7 6700k
Memory: 16GB Corsair Dominator DDR4
Video Card: GeForce GTX 980 Ti 
Sound Card: I have a Sound Blaster Fatality Recon 3D but it's been acting up so I've just been using onboard.
SSD: Corsair Neutron GTX

OS: Win 10

Monitor: ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q (Greatest monitor money can buy)
Keyboard: Pictured is the Cherry MX 6.0 Board. However, it wasn't clicky enough for me so went back to my Corsair K70 with the blue switches.
Mouse: Asus ROG Gladius

Headphones: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x


I have no laptop. If I did I'd buy a Surface Book, but I'm too old school and prefer traditional desktop for almost everything.



Google Pixel


I was an ardent Windows Phone fan and user since 2011, but Microsoft's new CEO Satya Nadella sucks and they're not making any moves in phone anymore so on to Android it is. I respect Apple, and think they make solid products, but I typically don't use them because I find them too closed (walled garden), the interface doesn't navigate how my brain works, and everyone has them (don't want to be one of the iSheep ha ha).


I do game on consoles more these days than I'm proud to admit. Mostly a result of working a desk job and not wanting to come home and sit at a computer again to play games. Also, the big PC exclusive developers (Valve, Blizzard, ect.) either don't make games anymore, or only make multiplayer focused games which I have no interest in. I have a PS4 and an Xbox One, although I tend to favor the latter because I'm a Microsoft fanboy. I've been trying to get back into PC more tho.


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Nice setup, there. Liking the white case and lighting on your build. I'm a big mechanical keyboard fan as well. I've got a Ducky One with blue switches. Love the clicky feedback lol. Ducky keyboards also have some pretty sweet macro programming functionality.


Since you work in software, what's your setup like on Windows, Jex? I've rigged a basic programming setup on Win10, but it's not as intuitive and efficient as what I've got going on Mac OS or Linux. Open to any suggestions for essential apps, tools or workflows.

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