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Favorite Metal?

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Since Jex gave metal a sub-section, I guess he considers it "real" music (lol), so let's have a thread to share our favorite artists and albums. I've listened to a lot of metal, so this is just a small sampling of stuff I'm into. Might update the thread later with more stuff. Looking forward to more recommendations from everyone here.


Opeth - Damnation




Opeth was the band that got me into more niche metal and prompted me to start seeking out lesser known bands. I listened to their EP Blackwater Park a long time ago and was hooked. Excellent progressive metal on Damnation.


Aegaeon - Dissension





This band is insane. I saw them live in my hometown back in 2012. The lead singer was awesome live and really got the crowd pumped up. Their sound is pretty unique for deathcore, too. I think their lineup has changed a few times since 2012, but they're still good. Their first full-length, Dissension is still the best release IMO.


Helloween - The Dark Ride




Helloween is always good when I need a hit of power metal. Fun trivia: apparently lead singer Michael Kiske was only 19 years old when they released their second album Keeper of the Seven Keys: Path 1. Pretty impressive.


Metallica - ...And Justice For All




And finally, no metal list would be complete without a little Metallica. I'm so/so on most of Metallica's music, but I've always really enjoyed this album and I have lots of respect for Kirk Hammett as a guitarist.

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Nice topic..


Heaven Shall Burn - Iconoclast




Heaven Shall Burn is one of my all time favorite bands, I love all of their albums and most of the songs. They are from a small town in Thuringia, Germany, which is not far away from my hometown. At one of their shows last year I met a guy from California, how travelled to Germany just to see them.


Parkway Drive - Deep Blue




I love this band almost as much as Heaven Shall Burn,  enjoyed their powerfull live performance at WACKEN Open Air last year.


Sabaton - Heroes




When it comes to power metal, I always end up with Sabaton. The lyrics of their songs are mostly related to war and military history.


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Yea, the "real music" thing is just a jab at today's music scene where it seems like very few people (especially the youth) listen to anything that isn't pop or rap. I feel sorry for the current generation because when I was growing up there was still a prevalent rock/metal scene and I can't express how crucial it was in getting me through high school.

Although Metal is my favorite genre, I tend to prefer sub-genres of it like nu-metal, alt-metal, industrial, and metalcore. Anything with electronics is a plus as well. I actually plan on making an extensive Guide To Metal for this site, so I'll just mention some of my recent and all time favs:

You already mentioned one I would have picked which is "...And Justice For All". Easily the best thrash metal album of all time. 


As I Lay Dying - Shadows are Security / The Powerless Rise


Shadows_are_security.thumb.jpg.c36bc15d761f6111cfd437793c9e1f9c.jpg                 As_I_Lay_Dying_-_Powerless_Rise.thumb.jpg.156f929cc0f3a03f4a3131f26754b595.jpg


Pretty much my favorite current metal band. The vocals have just the right amount of range, melody, and aggressiveness. Unlike most bands who bitch and moan their lyrics tend to be positive and uplifting, dealing with empowerment, overcoming life's struggles, and making yourself a better person. They also feature some of the most excellent guitar work, dueling harmonies, and crushing breakdowns.


Recommended Songs: Anodyne Sea, Overcome, Paralyzed.


The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above And Branches Below




Metalcore from right out of my hometown of Dayton, Ohio \m/. I got obsessed with this album when I first discovered it. The lead singer tends to vary from high shrill screams to guttural "Goldar" sounding growls, and at first it may seem like a relentless onslaught of vocal cord destroying screeches but it really grows on you. The clean vocals are pretty emo but the melodies are undeniably catchy. The guitar work isn't the most technical but it is helped by the use of orchestral strings which at times gives it an almost symphonic / black metal metal feel.


Recommended Songs: Assistant To The Regional Manager, Dez MoinesBen Has A KidGimme Half 


The Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal




I'm not really a big fan of death metal, or in this case, "melodic death metal", but I make an exception for these guys. Usually, I feel like these extreme metal bands seem like they're just trying too hard to be "evil" or whatever, but these guys manage to pull it off. This album will kick your ass from start to finish and is wrought with darkness: black metal like highs, sick lows, down tuned guitars, and pounding percussion that all sound like the choirs of hell. I think the reason it works is because there's good structure to the music and a tongue in cheek nature to it all. For example, one of their songs is named after a line from the Castlevania video games. Cool side note: When they played the Warped tour they got accused of selling out and going soft. As a result, they named their following album "Everblack", which I think was a metal as fuck way to respond to the haters.


Recommended Songs: Everything Went BlackWhat A Horrible Night To Have A CurseIn Hell Is Where She Waits For Me


The Browning - Hypernova / Isolation


61OpEyeCvwL.thumb.jpg.1fc7313c004c6b353555faab0baa475a.jpg               The_Browning_Isolation_cover_artwork.thumb.jpg.a159c20e3901d40952772422fc85167a.jpg


My last recommendation is a good example of metal fused with electronica. Some call this electronicore. I call it kickass. Most of the electronic elements are reminiscent of EDM/Dubstep, the guitars are a pure chugfest with breakdown after breakdown, and the vocals pretty much always remain in the lowest register. It's not technical, it's not thought provoking, it's pretty much just mindless metal to put your devil horns up and bang your head to. Next time you see some wigger in their car blasting out shitty rap music crank this shit up to full volume and drown them out in its badassery.

Recommend SongsSave the WorldGravediggerPure Evil, Fallout, Cryosleep


Honorable mentions: Slipknot - Slipknot (1999), Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake / Wrath, Chimaira - The Impossibility of Reason.


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mfw you fags don't even listen to real metal.


Also, mfw I can't figure out how to insert images inline... but the covers should still be pretty readable?





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