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ohlookitsthissiteagain.jpg - I missed this place.

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Seems like most of the people who have registered so far are, like myself, oldfags from the original TRD.


I posted there a lot as an edgy 13 year-old before getting sent away for stupidly plotting a school shooting over MSN messenger with some other people from this site - a high schooler calling himself Josef Klebold who was going to shoot up his school, and some guy from Argentina who wanted to bomb the congress over there. I made an Eric-and-Dylan themed angelfire site that some parent of a middle school friend found on their web history, and off to residential treatment I went.


Some might remember me as trying to create an RPG Maker game called United States of Anarchy (which, come to think of it, is still an excellent name/idea for a game, and I should use it), and posting a bunch about Hitler and "rebel missions" and a bunch of other edgy stuff.


Unlike the others here, I have proudly not grown up at fucking all, and I look forward to making this site the hotbed for mental illness and wannabe terrorism it once was. And maybe talk about politics and metal and edgy shit.


Looks like we might need a membership recruitment drive, though, and I have a couple of ideas.

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