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Hollywood Sex Abuse and Misconduct Scandal

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Originating with revelations that movie producer Harvey Weinstein harassed or assaulted over 60 women for several decades, forcing his firing from his own company (The Weinstein Company), more and more accusations have been coming out about other sex abuse or misconduct scandals in Hollywood, including Ben Affleck and Joss Whedon.


Just this week even more stories are surfacing starting with Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp accusing fellow actor Kevin Spacey of inappropriate behavior with him when he was only 14 years old. Spacey claimed not to remember the incident but assured the public that if it happened it was 30 years ago and must have been when he was intoxicated. He also outed himself as a gay man, which did not go over well on social media, with many decrying his attempted deflection of the controversy by outing himself. As a result of these events Spacey's highly popular Netflix show "House of Cards" has been canceled.

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