The Road Ahead: Planned Updates To The Site

Now that the cats out of the bag regarding the relaunch of The Rebel Domain it’s time to talk about what this site will be and my plans for future updates.

The Rebel Domain will be two things:

01) A free speech community for people from all walks of life (no matter how fringe or outside the mainstream) to meet and engage with like minded individuals, as well as people of different or opposing viewpoints. In keeping with the sites original tagline of “Freedom Exemplified”, The Rebel Domain will be free of any kind of censorship or moderation. All thoughts and opinions, no matter how extreme, controversial, or offensive, will be allowed, with only minor provisions to deal with spam, abuse, or legal issues.

02) A platform for original content created by the Rebel Domain staff covering all sorts of topics, including society, culture, technology, and entertainment.

Before I go any further let me address something for folks who were around for the old 2004 version of the site. This new Rebel Domain will NOT be a Columbine site. If that’s the only thing you liked about the old site and why you’re interested in the relaunch you might as well go away now. I’m sure there are still lots of other sites out there you can visit for this.

Now that you know what TRD will be, lets talk about how I plan to bring all of this about. My prior attempts have been based on launching with a fully designed and feature complete website. This resulted in periods where I would work for months planning and designing the site only to get stuck on something, become frustrated, drop out of the project, then return later, rinse and repeat.

It’s clear that approach didn’t work, so I’ve gone back to the drawing board and will be proceeding with a “results oriented” approach. Instead of refusing to release anything until every pixel and line of code is perfectly in place, I’ll focus on things that will be the easy and quick to implement, or that I think you guys (the community) will be most excited about. Here are two things you can expect to see very soon:


This will be the front end of the site. Initially, there will be stuff like general news, updates to the site, reviews, guides, and other things.


For many, this was what made the old Rebel Domain, “The Rebel Domain”. It’s where former members met lots of interesting people, had awesome discussions, and forged real friendships that lasted even to this day. In all past attempts to bring the site back, this section was actually LAST on my list of things to do. With the rapid results approach, it’ll be one of the first.

Now mind you, I know it’s not 2004 anymore, the internet has changed, and forums aren’t what they used to be what with social media and reddit so entrenched in our lives. I’m not expecting it to be the thriving social hub that it once was. It’s going to take a lot of work and time to build things up even to what it used to be. That’s the goal of the “original content” part of site I mentioned, to get people coming to the site and hopefully interest them in joining the community. Bringing the forum back at this point is more of a gesture to the old school loyal fans who have stuck around all of this time. It’ll give everyone a place to talk and reconnect while we work to build the site.

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