Watch The Recap Of The 2017 Halloween Doom Stream

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Yesterday, the first-ever Halloween Doom stream went off without a hitch. In the stream, I talked a little bit about the plans for the site and some of the most recent features I’ve been adding. I was also joined by former¬†TRD moderator, and actual real-life friend Loki, who some of you may remember as an admin from the original version of the site. It was an overall good time with lots of demons slain. If you weren’t able to watch the stream live, no worries, you can check out the archived video on demand (watch here to view chat comments).

Of course, this was just the first of many streams to come. I welcome everyone to follow my Twitch channel directly (so you’ll get notifications when streams start), and feel free to join in on these streams where I’ll be discussing more news about the site and showing new features in development. You can weigh in and help shape the community, or if that doesn’t interest you we can just chat about games and shit. Hope everyone had a good Halloween!

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