Blizzard Shares Intro Cinematic and New Gameplay for Diablo IV

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As its Summer release date approaches Blizzard Entertainment has shared the intro cinematic and new gameplay footage for Diablo IV which is sure to be one of the biggest PC games of 2023.

It’s kind of crazy to think that it’s already been eleven years (the same amount of time between Diablo II and Diablo III) since the last Diablo installment came out.

The first sneak peak shared (seen above) is for the games intro cinematic, which seems to be rendered in game with the players own created character to show the events leading up to the moment you’ll get to take control of them.

The second video released (seen below) is a deep dive into the near final version of the gameplay. This will give you a preview of the games many locations and environments as well as some of the various types of quests and events you can partake in.

After the more cartoony Diablo III, the developers are said to be aiming for a darker, more metal inspired look for the game, closer to fan favorite Diablo II. So far it does look like they’re nailing it and the creature design is looking wonderfully grotesque.

We’ll have to see if the story and gameplay can match up to the visuals though, as Diablo III was sort of a mixed bag in these areas for many fans of the series.

Diablo IV is expected to release on June 6th. You can preorder your copy or pick up the Collectors Edition from the official Blizzard store (Note: it oddly does not include a copy of the game).

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