Metal Mania Countdown – Week of 02/11/23

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Welcome to the debut of Metal Mania, our new weekly feature posted every Saturday counting down the top 10 new rock and metal music videos. This is a reworking of our previous Rebel Radio series but now focusing on music videos and presented as a YouTube playlist.

For this first installment, we have four new debut videos from Limp Bizkit, Static-X, Linkin Park and Suicide Silence. Debut videos will not be counted in the top 10 but will be factored in in the weeks after they debut.

You can click the video at the top of this page to start watching the full playlist. Below, you’ll find our commentary on the new debut videos, as well as a text list of the top 10 if you prefer to just see the rankings.

Debut Video: Suicide Silence – Dying Life

“Dying Life” is the fourth single off Suicide Silence’s upcoming seventh album titled “Remember… You Must Die” releasing March 10th.

Debut Video: Limp Bizkit – Out of Style

Limp Bizkit are back with a hilarious video for the best song off last years surprise drop album “Still Sucks”. The video uses deep fake technology to make all of the band members look like world leaders including Putin, Biden, Zelenskyy, and others.

Debut Video: Static-X – Terrible Lie

Static-X have announced a follow-up to our 2020 Album of the Year winner Project Regeneration Vol. 1 – unsurprisingly titled “Vol. 2”.

The first volume featured some of the final recordings of singer Wayne Static before his tragic death in 2014. The music of that album was handled by the original band members with Edsel Dope (of the band Dope) helping with vocals (using the moniker Xero) to complete the tracks where things were not all the way finished.

It was a very respectfully done tribute to one of the legends of the industrial metal scene and paved a way for the band to continue should they wish to.

Vol 2. is expected to feature the remainder of Wayne Static’s posthumous work and, depending on how much remains, might feature a little more original material with Xero taking over as lead.

“Terrible Lie” is the first single off of Vol. 2, a cover of the Nine Inch Nails song of the same name.

Debut Video: Linkin Park – Lost

In news to make you feel old, this April will be the 20th anniversary of Linkin Park’s second album “Meteora”. Like they did with the 20 year anniversary of Hybrid Theory, the band is releasing a huge special edition collection featuring live material, demos, and six unreleased songs from the Meteora era, which was the height of the bands Nu-Metal sound.

The first of the unreleased songs is called “Lost” and it’s so good you’ll wonder why it didn’t make the final cut for the album. The video is done in an anime style using A.I. technology, reminiscent of the video for “Breaking the Habit”.

Hearing a “new” song from prime era Linkin Park is an awesome reminder of what a great a vocalist Chester Bennington was. The way he belts out “I’m lost” with gritty aggression while still keeping things melodic is chill inducing.

Like a lot of Linkin Park songs heard retrospectively, it’s actually a pretty emotional listen factoring in the lyrics and considering Bennington’s fate. Chester was able to help so many people with his music but sadly couldn’t help himself.

The Top 10 Rock and Metal Videos for February 11th, 2023

Rank Artist Song
1 Falling in Reverse “Watch The World Burn”
2 Hardy “Sold Out”
3 In Flames “Meet Your Maker”
4 I Prevail “There’s Fear In Letting Go”
5 Lamb of God “Ditch”
6 Lions at the Gate “The Ledge”
7 Motionless in White “Werewolf”
8 Disturbed “Bad Man”
9 Godsmack “Surrender”
10 Metallica “Screaming Suicide”

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