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Here at The Rebel Domain we’re always trying to tweak and fine tune our features to make them more useful to our readers.

For this reason, we’ve decided to change-up how we’re presenting our Metal Mania and Rebel Radio playlists going forward.

Previously, Metal Mania was a weekly collection of the latest music videos presented in a “countdown” format. However, we feel this ended up being too repetitive and limiting at times. So, our new format will be as follows:

Each week we will collect all the new rock and metal music we think is worth highlighting, whether it’s a video, visualizer, or audio only. This will allow us to showcase material from both Metal Mania and Rebel Radio. It should also make it easier for you to find the new stuff quickly if that’s all you care about.

All the recent music videos (from roughly the last 3 months) will still be added to our Metal Mania playlist and ordered by relative popularity. This way you can choose to watch the full playlist in a “countdown” format or hit shuffle for a “variety” format.

So, with that out of the way, let’s get into this week’s new music.

Veil of Maya – Red Fur

This is the third single from Veil of Maya’s upcoming seventh album “Mother” (releasing May 12th, 2023).

jEX’s Thoughts:
“Veil of Maya have always been sort of a mixed bag to me. Some of their stuff is really good while some of it is kind of bland. Typically, I find their heavier tracks with all screaming to be on the boring side (which has been the case with the first two singles off “Mother”). Some bands can pull this off, but I find Veil of Maya at their strongest when they leverage the talents of both of their singers, and that’s what you’ll find on “Red Fur”, which is the best single released so far. Instrumentally, it has that Architects-core vibe where the guitars sound like glitching computers. This one actually reminds me a little of Monuments most recent stuff. Vocally, you get a well balanced trade off of catchy melodies and aggression harshes. What’s not to love? Recommended.”

Project: Vengeance – Cut, Bleed, Repeat

Project: Vengeance (originally called The Big Six) is a superband made up of six of the best deathcore vocalists, including Dickie Allen of Infant Annihilator and Will Ramos of Lorna Shore.

jEX’s Thoughts:
“When we started getting teases about The Big Six, a project that would bring together the 6 biggest singers in deathcore, including Sir Dickel of IA and Will Ramos of Lorna Shore, everyone who was a fan of the genre took notice. Now that we have our first taste of music from the project how does it fair? Not bad. Despite the hype of these dudes all coming together for a collab one did have to wonder how the logistics of it all would work. Most superbands are made up of individuals all performing different duties rather than six people all doing the same thing. The closest thing to a 6 singer supergroup would be found in the rap world, with groups like Wu-Tang Clan and D12. I wasn’t sure how that would transfer to the metal world, but honestly, other than the instrumental being a bit simplistic, the track does a nice job of showcasing the various vocal talents, and it’s fun to try to pick out which goblin or zombie vocal belongs to who.”

Will Ramos – “Chokehold” (Sleep Token Cover)

Speaking of Will Ramos, check out this awesome cover he did of Sleep Token’s song “Chokehold”. We all knew Ramos was a monster at demonic vocals, but who knew he could nail cleans so well? Now it makes me wonder why he’s been holding them back this whole time.

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