Crytek Announce Crysis: Remastered With Improved Textures, Effects, And Ray Tracing

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After an April Fools joke, and a series of tweets, Crytek has announced Crysis: Remastered, an updated version of the 2007 sci-fi shooter. Of course, Crysis has always been best known for its envelope pushing visuals that brought even the most powerful machines to a crawl, serving as a technical showcase for the Crytek engine, and leading to the popular phrase “But can it run Crysis?”.

The speculation for a new Crysis game began when Crytek made a post on the official Crysis Twitter account with the words, “Hey Nomad, you’re still with us?”, which were the opening lines of the first game. Personally, I had hoped for a new game, like a Crysis 4, but alas, keeping with a common trend these days, it was announced earlier today as a remaster, targeting current gen consoles in addition to PC.

Part of the reason why I favored a new entry in the series is because the original Crysis actually still holds up pretty well, and I’m not sure how much better it could be. Details are scarce at this point as far as how extensive the remaster will be, but what we know is that it will be co-developed by Saber Interactive and feature higher quality textures (most likely for better 4k support), new graphical effect settings, and ray tracing.

Hopefully, the final product will be a substantial difference, otherwise, I feel the main benefit will be for console players. The fact that it’s getting a port on the low powered Switch doesn’t bode well for extensive the enhancements will be, but we’ll see.

There is no release date currently but we will keep you posted as more information develops.

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