Linkin Park Pay Tribute To Chester Bennington In Emotional New “One More Light” Video

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Who cares if one more light goes out if a moment is all we are…

The sudden and tragic death of Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington just a few months ago was a gut punch for music fans the world over. As someone who was an angst ridden teenager when Linkin Park first blew up, his death hit me harder than any celebrity death in recent memory. His music was therapy for me when I was in high school. What surprised me most though was how many people outside of the expected social spheres were affected by his death. People I never thought would know of him spoke out on social media about how his music touched their lives.

If that’s how we as the fandom felt, I can only imagine what the actual band has been going through. On top of the grieving process, there was the painful but unavoidable question of how to move forward. Chester’s death came in the middle of a new album release and touring cycle, and they still had to release a video for the single “One More Night”.

Well, Linkin Park just handled things the only way that made sense. The new video is made up entirely of a mix of Bennington singing the song amidst a crowd of fans, and archive footage of him together with the band. It makes for an emotional but ultimately cathartic tribute to the late singer.

The song itself, which is one of the better highlights off their latest record, is a somber, sentimental track that speaks symbolically of peoples lives seeming short and insignificant, as lights that eventually flicker and go out, with lyrics like, “who care’s if one more light goes out if a moment is all we are…”. Bennington answers the question with, “Well I do”, re-affirming his own belief in the value of life. Given the circumstances, it’s eerily on topic . In fact, Bennington sung the song just prior to his own passing in tribute to his good friend Chris Cornell.

You can check out the video above this article or over on Linkin Park’s official youtube channel.

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