Rob Zombie Is Making A Sequel To “The Devils Rejects”

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To this day I remain a defender of Rob Zombie’s polarizing films and contend that even at their worst they are more fresh and creative than the majority of horror films released these days. If you haven’t seen his most recent one, “31“, you should put it in your movie lineup for this Halloween.

With all that said, even his toughest critics all seem to agree with his fans that 2005’s “The Devil’s Rejects” was his best movie (you can read my review from the old TRD website here). At the end of that film (spoiler for 2005), Zombie deliberately killed off all the Devils Rejects characters because he didn’t want someone else taking his characters and making a shitty sequel with them. It was a bold move, but one that felt like it couldn’t have ended any other way, and it played out spectacularly on screen.

Of course, he said nothing about making a sequel himself. At least until now, that is. It has just been confirmed that Rob Zombie plans to bring back the likes of Captain Spaulding, Otis, and Baby one more time. While this could be terrible if he’s not able to capture lightning in a bottle again, it could be huge if he is able to.

The biggest question going forward is how exactly he’ll resolve the plot issue of all these iconic characters being dead. Here are some of the ideas I’ve heard floating around that seemed the most likely to me:

Make It A Prequel To House Of 1000 Corpses

I’m not really a big fan of this idea because enough time has passed since 2005 that the characters will all be noticeably much older than they were in the original House from 2003. It would take some serious CGI de-aging to pull off, and we all know the movie won’t have that kind of budget.

Utilize Some Supernatural Doctor Satan Shit To Resurrect Them

Doctor Satan was noticeably missing from The Devils Rejects. Given how different Rejects was from House Zombie could take another detour into the far supernatural to bring back the characters. You’d still kind of have the aging problem, but you could use undead makeup, or just put some time between the resurrection and the start of the movie to get around this.

Reveal The Shootout Was All A Dream

This would probably be the cheapest solution, but the one that would make the most logical sense. The final shootout could be revealed to have been what the characters imagined in their heads, and it can turn out they surrendered themselves to the cops. This sets it up for them to have been imprisoned all this time (although, lets be honest, they’d have all got the death penalty), leading to an inevitable escape.

Whatever Mr. Zombie decides to do, we’re all pretty excited to see what he cooks up.

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