Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda Premieres Two More Unreleased Meteora Songs

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Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park was interviewed on the Howard Stern Show yesterday in promotion of the 20th anniversary re-release of the bands second album “Meteora”.

The special edition is expected to feature several unreleased songs from that era, one of which is the song “Lost”, which was released with a music video last week. The song has been resonating with fans not only because its so good (and has been seeming locked in a vault for twenty years) but also because of the emotional impact of hearing Chester Bennington’s voice again.

Shinoda seems to be doing the interview circuit right now, already appearing on several radio stations to discuss the track and now on the Howard Stern show where he brought two more unreleased songs with him to premiere.

The first is a song called “More The Victim” and uses a previously released instrumental known in the LP community as “Cumulus“.

The full song can be heard below (although with Howard and Mike talking over it).

As you can hear, this is another fully finished and great sounding track. The flow of the verses are a little reminiscent of “Faint” (perhaps that’s why it didn’t make the final cut) but all of Chester’s parts sound like nothing we’ve heard before (I especially dig the pre-chorus section).

Mike then premiered a second track called “Fighting Myself” which can be heard below (although this one has more talking through it):

This one is heavier and seems to have one of Linkin Park’s great bridge to final chorus transitions.

So it’s clear that at least 3 of the unreleased songs are basically straight up B-Sides from Meteora (perhaps confirming past comments by the band that the record originally had 15 tracks). There were actually quite a lot of great B-Sides from nu-metal albums of this era so it’s not too surprising.

Honestly, any of these three songs would have worked great as a lead single for the album. The seamlessness by which these new tracks blend with the old makes it feel like we’re getting Meteora 2.0 E.P. for 2023.

You can hear the full versions of these two songs when Meteora 20th Anniversary Edition releases on April 7th.

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