Rebel Radio Top 10 Countdown – Week of 9/22/17

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This week we have another new song from The Black Dahlia Murder called “Matriarch”, coming off their forthcoming album “Nightbringers”. The track,  which absolutely shreds, features lyrics that tell a macabre story of a woman wanting a child but unable to conceive hunting down a pregnant woman and stealing her baby by cutting it out with a knife and leaving her to die. The whole thing calls to mind the plot of the fantastic French horror film “Inside“.

We also have a new one from Marilyn Manson coming off his next record “Heaven Upside Down”. I haven’t been a huge fan of Manson’s work for some time because his voice just doesn’t sound as good these days, but in this new song, “Kill4Me”, he’s sounding a lot better, and it reminds me of the Mechanical Animals days with a modern twist.

We also have the new Chester Bennington tribute “One More Light” from Linkin Park, and the latest from Asking Alexandria. Here’s this week’s full countdown:

# 1 –    “Matriarch” – THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

# 2 –   “Nightbringers” – THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

# 3 –   “ One More Light” – LINKIN PARK

# 4 –   “ Satellite” – STARSET

# 5 –   “ Alone” – I PREVAIL

# 6 –   “ Kill4Me” – MARILYN MANSON

# 7 –   “ Into The Fire” – ASKING ALEXANDRIA

# 8 –   “ Imperfection” – EVANESCENCE

# 9 –   “ Come Together” – GARY CLARK JR.

# 10 –   “ American Dreams” – PAPA ROACH

You can listen to the countdown at the top of this page or over on Spotify.


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