Rebel Radio Top 10 Countdown – Week of 10/20/17

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We have a great countdown for you starting with the new song “The Doomed” from A Perfect Circle. You can read all about what we thought of that song over here, but since it has dethroned The Black Dahlia Murder from the top of the countdown I think you can guess what we thought. We also have a debut song called “Monster” from an up and coming new band known as Dead Eyes. Definitely worth keeping an eye on these guys.

In addition to that, we have a new one from Like Moths To Flames called “Empty The Same“, and a very djenty Veil of Maya track called “Whistleblower“.  All around, great new music for you guys to check out this week.

I’m also changing the structure of the countdown again. Since a lot of bands put out multiple songs for a new album weeks apart from each other it resulted in a lot of bands taking up multiple spots on the countdown. To address this, we started adding additional tracks from a different band for each duplicate band on the list, resulting in a longer than 10 song countdown.

What we’re going to do instead is expand the Spotify playlist to include all the songs that made the countdown from the past year or so, and we’ll now retire old songs to this playlist only keeping each bands most current song on the top 10 list. So basically, the YouTube playlist will now always be 10, and the Spotify playlist will have everything. Here’s the full countdown for this week:

# 1 –    “The Doomed” – A PERFECT CIRCLE

# 2 –    “Kings of the Nightworld” – THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

# 3 –    “Monster” – DEAD EYES

# 4 –   “Empty The Same” – LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES

# 5 –   “Whistleblower” – VEIL OF MAYA

# 6 –   “We Own The Night” – HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD

# 7 –   “One More Light” – LINKIN PARK

# 8 –   “Satellite” – STARSET

# 9 –   “Alone” – I PREVAIL

# 10 –  “Kill4Me” – MARILYN MANSON

As always, you can listen to the countdown at the top of this page or over on Spotify. If you think we missed anything just send us a tip at webmaster [at]

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