Rebel Radio Top 10 Countdown – Week of 9/29/17

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This was a slow week for new music, with the only real noteworthy release being a new video by Like Moth’s To Flames for the song “Nowhere Left To Sink“, coming off their next record “Dark Divine” and introducing a style change with a softer sound. The band has reassured fans the album will still include screaming, but they wanted to do an all clean vocal song for the first single.

The rest of the rotation is pretty much the same as last week. We’re all just waiting for the release of The Black Dahlia Murder’sNightbringers” next week which is one of the most anticipated albums of the year. We’ll have our full review up as soon as it leaks.

# 1 –    “Matriarch” – THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

# 2 –   “Nightbringers” – THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER

# 3 –   “One More Light” – LINKIN PARK

# 4 –   “Satellite” – STARSET

# 5 –   “Alone” – I PREVAIL

# 6 –   “Nowhere Left To Sink” – LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES

# 7 –  “Kill4Me” – MARILYN MANSON

# 8 –  “Into The Fire” – ASKING ALEXANDRIA

# 9 –  “Imperfection” – EVANESCENCE

# 10 –   “Come Together” – GARY CLARK JR.

You can listen to the countdown at the top of this page or over on Spotify.


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